Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's Happening?

So the school year has began and I've been working away with the new crew.  My new friends are lovely and sweet as can be.  I'm very lucky this year so far!  To even prove it, my Little Bells even were awarded with the outstanding behavior award in Gym by earning the "Golden Shoe Award" and within the same week earning the "Golden Paint Brush Award" in art class. AMAZING! (This has never happened before.)
I don't want to jinx it so I will say no more about it!
This year to start Writer's Workshop we have been focusing on punctuation like crazy.  The perfect unit PunctuationPeople to get us started and recognizing the end marks. The puppets were so much fun to make.  My Little Bells were enjoying writing and remembering to add the characters to the end of their sentences by name.  In fact, when they would make a period, they would say "Let's make a meatball period to feed Period Pete."  Crazy I know, but tons of fun!  Oh yeah, the headbands?  Well we were practicing our word works center by creating headbands that we rainbow spelled our sight words on and decorated.

 I wish everyone a great start to the school year and thank all my parents for a fantastic start! 


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